Month: September 2018

Bird Feeder Cam Episode 2: An exciting new visitor!

One of my absolute favourite British birds, the Jay, recently visited my allotment bird feeders. Normally elusive and annoyingly shy, this surprisingly exotic looking member of the crow family’s behaviour is captured beautifully on the motion sensor camera trap.

It also captured a rather familiar vocalisation, which was news to me. Far different to the usual screeching call I associate with this bird, flying off ahead when startled by my approach.

Check it out…

BioBlitz at Boles Meadow

Recording biodiversity on July 28th 2018 at our local conservation project, Boles Meadow with EWG volunteers, members and passersby. Some interesting discoveries crop up, and an impressive list of species is counted for year one of tracking the meadow’s wildlife.

Filmed and produced by Steve Haskett.

For more info on the purpose of BioBlitz events like this take a look at the National BioBlitz Association

Boles Meadow Bat Conservation Project Planting Day

Members of EWG met in June 2018 to clear invasive plant species and plant native aquatic species to encourage bugs, birds, bats and other wildlife to the site. This was part of our bat conservation project sponsored by Greggs local environmental project funding.

We had previously cleared the site with the help of Ealing Rangers to remove unwanted trees, scrub and vegetation that was swamping the meadow edges, overgrowing on the waterside and blocking out a lot of light to the water course fed by Hanwell Spring.

With the help of a hired digger, we also dredged the large pond area and created a wetland scrape in the dampest part of the meadow.

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