About Us

EWG is an inclusive community of locals interested in nature and wildlife in the Borough of Ealing and beyond. We share knowledge, sightings, photos, seek advice, lobby local authorities and developers, organise educational events, arrange outings and celebrate the wonderful wildlife we share our surroundings with. We also collect and submit data on biodiversity in Ealing, relying on citizen science and a dedicated group of volunteers, local experts and amateur naturalists alike.

Our overall aim is to build a community of like-minded individuals, who are passionate to learn more about nature and who see the value in actively conserving it.


EWG was set up in early 2016 by Sean McCormack, a vet and lifelong naturalist with a passion for wildlife conservation and education. Following an enquiry on Facebook about bats in the Hanwell Viaduct, Sean asked on local groups if there was any interest in attending a bat walk. After an overwhelming response of over 400 keen locals, EWG Facebook Group was set up to organise a series of bat walks that summer.

Since then it has grown steadily in membership, securing funding for several community environmental projects as well as launching a very successful wildlife photography competition and public exhibition. The main hub of activity and discussion remains the Facebook group, where members can truly appreciate the diversity of wildness on our doorstep through others’ observations and posts.