• Beaver Update!
  • Hedgehog survey update, it’s good news!
    Our Ealing hedgehog team have been swiftly setting up and collecting another 30 trail cams across Ealing allotment sites.. beavering away reviewing photos of Ealing wildlife, harvesting data to submit to our friends at ZSL London Zoo All puns intended! First site has revealed an unexpected number of visits across the site from our prickliest […]
  • Focus Stacking Macro Photography
    First, let me say how knocked-out and delighted I am to have my photograph of the sporangia (a posh word for fruiting bodies) of a slime mould take first place in the Up Close and Personal category of Ealing Wildlife Group’s photography 2022 competition. I’ve had a few emails/messages asking me how I achieved the […]
  • Ealing’s Hedgehog Highways project launch. Can you help?
    Blog post by Natasha Gavin, EWG Hedgehog project lead When I was growing up in Ealing, it was a rare treat to see a hedgehog. In fact I only saw one once, when I was 12 yrs old, in South Ealing. I tried to pick it up, and that REALLY hurt. I learnt a life […]
  • Our Bouncy Baby Barn Owls!
    We have baby barn owls! Watch the story unfold here!
  • How to build a low cost moth trap
    By Kish Woolmore How to make a cheap low-cost Moth Trap: Generally retail price for readymade moth traps relatively expensive, starting around £150 with good ones being several hundred pounds. Most commercial ones relying on mains power or heavy batteries and not always easy to transport to sites. Being inspired by a Trap which Katie […]
  • Success! The Peregrines have fledged!
    It’s been two years in the making but at long last, the Ealing Hospital Peregrines have successfully fledged 3 chicks! Two females and one male as far as we can tell., and all are strong and healthy and flying around the hospital! There is a photo gallery that tells their story here And to read […]
  • A Nature Walk around Warren Farm
    I first heard of Warren Farm from the many diverse posts shared on the EWG Facebook page, seeing numerous photos of red kites, kestrels and skylarks soaring high above the 61-acre space, little owls looking out from the tree hollows of oak and a rainbow of insects and spiders. I have only visited once before […]
  • Ealing Beaver Day
    On Thursday May 26th at 7pm we’re delighted to be hosting our friends from Beaver Trust at Horsenden Farm (Horsenden Ln N, Horsenden, Greenford UB6 7PQ) to give an evening talk followed by a panel discussion to answer some of the questions and concerns arising from our public consultation on beaver reintroduction in Ealing. Our […]
  • Would you like to host Swift nest boxes with your neighbours? We’re looking for Swift street champions!
    In recent days the Swifts are arriving back in Ealing! We have pretty much completed phase one of our Swift project, with about 60 boxes already up and ready for inspection by adult breeding pairs who have returned to find their traditional nest site no longer present or accessible. As well as first year breeding […]