The Dawn Chorus

WHY DO BIRDS SING SO GAY? (from the song, “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”, originally by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers.) Wren singing, by Caroline Farrow It's just after…


10 Ways to Make your Garden a Winter Haven for Wildlife

As the growing season winds down, people are starting to tidy their gardens and prepare them for winter. For wildlife friendly gardens and gardeners however, things are a little different, it's far less tidy, and far better for the wildlife! Here are 10 things a wildlife gardener can do to prepare the garden for winter that benefit both the garden and the wildlife.

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Nightingales at Knepp, West Sussex Camping at Knepp Wildlands, and heard several Nightingales for the first time ever. Here’s my amazing experience. I'd encourage anyone to go and see what Knepp has to offer,…

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Bird Feeder Cam: Episode 1 I set up a trail cam (or camera trap) at a bird feeding station on my allotment, to see what birds and other creatures are coming to visit when…