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Warren Farn is under threat of development by Ealing Council. They want to build sports pitches directly on the rewilded area now used by 25% of London’s Skylarks for nesting. There are other more suitable locations to put sport pitches, so we are asking the Council to reconsider their decision, listen to the experts and their constituents, and find a solution that doesn’t destroy the only suitable area for these birds to nest in the Borough. For more information see our blog posts below and visit the Warren Farm Nature Reserve website, this article from Ealing News, and the Council’s website.

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REVEALED: The story behind a rare spider spotting in Ealing's Warren Farm
"A hairy seven-legged arachnid featured in first-place as the overall winner at this year's Ealing Wildlife Photography competition. Snapped in Warren Farm by amateur photographer and nature enthusiast, Julian Oliver, the spider, which had lost a leg, turned out to be a pretty special spotting. It provided the first record ever in Middlesex of a Thanatus striatus...."
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“Warren Farm Nature Reserve is a unique, 61-acre urban meadow in West London, UK. The land has been successfully rewilded over the last ten years and is now bursting with incredible plant species with astounding beneficial results for wildlife. Tragically, this special green space is under threat of being lost forever to development unless urgent action is taken. ”
A species of spider thought to be extinct in Britain has been discovered in Ealing.
"The skylarks, barn owls and bats found at Warren Farm Nature Reserve will be more palatable to arachnophobes than the latest discovery made among its meadows. Also calling the nature reserve home is the Philodromus buxi – a species of spider recorded as extinct in the UK...."
Community comes out in force tonight as protesters gather to support Warren Farm
"More than 500 campaigners and supporters of Warren Farm have staged a community protest tonight (21 February 2023) outside Ealing Town Hall against Labour-run Ealing Council and its leadership over plans to re-develop Warren Farm...."