School Outreach Programme

EWG wants to engage with Ealing children about nature in as many ways as possible.

The Bat Packs Given to Ealing Schools

Natasha Gavin Giving a School Talk

Schools Biodiversity Talks

designed by young EWG member Max Klimowski, age 13.

Pond Dipping at the National Park City Festival

Some of the ways in which this is happening:

  • Six Hanwell schools were each given a bat box, bat detector and bat ID sheets following a donation from Hobbayne Trust to EWG. Teachers were also given training by EWG in bats in Ealing.
  • To celebrate the launch of Ealing Council’s updated Biodiversity Action Plan (out soon), the council is funding free talks on Ealing’s biodiversity in primary and secondary schools. Natasha Gavin, EWG member and Education Officer for Ealing Council, will be leading the talks through to Dec 2021. The majority of the photos and videos of wildlife have been generously donated by EWG members and local families are encouraged to join EWG via a handout each child takes home. The handout, jointly produced by Ealing Council and EWG, gives hints and tips on how local residents can help promote biodiversity in the borough and was designed by young EWG member Max Klimowski, age 13.
  • Ongoing and planned engagement with Ealing-based scout groups (cubs, beavers, scouts).
  • Running free talks about Biodiversity.
  • Offering supervised conservation activities.
  • We added a specific age category for young photographers in EWG’s annual photo competition,
  • Encouragement to participate via all School Talks and social media.