Welcome to the Ealing Wildlife Group (EWG) website, where we will announce events and activities relating to the group.

The main activities and discussion from the group members happens on our Facebook page, so do feel free to join us there:


Installing Batbox
Sean installing Batbox, by Nigel Bewley

The aims of Ealing Wildlife Group are:

  1. To promote awareness of and act as advocate for the wildlife and natural habitats within the London Borough of Ealing.
  2. To provide information and activities with a view to educating people about local wildlife, conservation activities and nature.
  3. To encourage people to engage with nature conservation, in their own private spaces as well as the wider local landscape of the Borough.
  4. To provide opportunities for outdoor volunteering activities and community activity on group conservation work and projects.
  5. To provide educational activities for the public to learn about nature, such as bat walks, wildlife talks and bird watching trips.
  6. To highlight to the wider community the wonder of nature and diversity of wildlife in our area through our annual wildlife photography competition and exhibition.
  7. To actively work to improve biodiversity in the Borough, with special emphasis on sensitive or threatened urban wildlife species such as bats, owls, reptiles and amphibians.
  8. To act as a valued resource of local expertise, knowledge and wildlife monitoring community volunteers working closely with Ealing Council Rangers.
  9. To build a community of like-minded locals interested in wildlife and nature conservation, and lobby on environmental matters where appropriate.