Here at Ealing Wildlife Group (EWG), we believe the future of conservation lies with our children. Educating children to engage with, understand and appreciate nature is our best bet to ensuring that conservation continues.

Boy with beetle (photo: Małgorzata Sikora)

Our plan is to provide a nature kit and resource pack for local schools – encouraging pupils to take in interest in nature and wildlife. We’re proposing a nature kit for each primary school in the borough including; a bird table, a bird box and a bat box. These simple items will encourage nature to settle right inside the school grounds. In addition, we would provide toolkits for teachers, empowering them to give educational nature lessons in schools. We believe that these school packs will kick start kids into engaging with the natural world around them.

The pilot scheme

EWG received funding from local charity, The Hobbayne Trust, to start our programme at six Hanwell primary schools. This is a pilot scheme which we hope we will be able to roll out across the borough in 2021.

EWG has appointed a schools and youth liaison officer to help us monitor and grow this programme to full effect.

As with many of our projects this year, Covid-19 has put us back slightly. Do not fear, as soon as we are able, we will get this important project back up and running again.

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