Borough of Ealing Species List

One of our goals is to discover what flora and fauna we have in our Borough. We can monitor the health of our environment by tracking the biodiversity of our green spaces, and see what impact our conservation efforts have made.


The other purpose of this database is to help everyone with IDing what they find in their local patch. Few things are more exciting than finding a new species!

If you would like to add to the list please do! You can post your sightings on our Facebook groupemail us, use the sighting form, or use the epicollect5 mobile app! Just search for our project Ealing Borough Species List and you can add sightings and photos from your phone very easily! I’ve modelled the form and app on the GIGL species input forms to make it easy for us to submit our records to them! (if you are going to submit via email, or Facebook group, please at a minimum have What is the name of the species, Who found it, Where it was found, and When it was found plus any photos/videos/audio you wish to include. (Number of individuals sighted, habitat description, and any other info you deem important would be very helpful as well but not absolutely necessary.)

Also if you think we got an ID wrong also please let us know! We have had much of the list doubled-checked by local experts but we might have missed something. We want this list to be 100% accurate so do not be shy and set us straight!

This is a work in constant progress! Right now we are moving the whole spreadsheet over to here and that will take time, so we are doing it bit by bit so please be patient we will get all of it up as soon as we can!

Currently completed:

  • Arachnids
  • Butterflies & Moths