Borough of Ealing Species List

One of our goals is to discover what flora and fauna we have in our Borough. We can monitor the health of our environment by tracking the biodiversity of our green spaces, and see what impact our conservation efforts have made.


The other purpose of this database is to help everyone with IDing what they find in their local patch. Few things are more exciting than finding a new species!

If you would like to add to the list please do! Post your sightings on iNaturalist. It easy to use and there are many people there to help with IDs. We have several Projects there too, for EWG@Costons Lane, The Ealing Beaver Project, and of course the Borough of Ealing (as seen below) There are also some other projects for Ealing like Warren Farm and Grove Farm. To add your sighting to a project, just geotag the sighting (your phone usually does this for you and for cameras that don’t geotag, you can enter it in manually on the website, you can bulk upload from a camera too, it’s very convenient!) and it will add you sighting to the right project automatically. The EWG projects are open to everyone and do not require actually joining the project (unless you want to of course! Welcome!) We found this was a much easier way to aquire and present data than someone doing it all by hand!