Sean McCormack BSc (Hons), MVB, MRCVS

Founder of EWG, Chair of the EWG board

Sean McCormack
Sean McCormack (photo: Kimberley Miller)

Sean McCormack is incredibly passionate about community and nature. Growing up in Co. Kildare, Sean spent his childhood obsessed with birds, bugs and plants – a self-confessed nature nerd.

Dreaming of being a vet, Sean completed a degree in Animal Science followed by Veterinary Medicine, in Dublin. Once qualified, Sean spent 6 years working in various domestic and exotic pet practices and saw him move to Ealing.

Sean combines his passion and extensive knowledge of the natural world to lead EWG – guiding through education and conservation. He has links with many conservation organisations across the UK which enables Ealing to play a part in wider, national studies and programmes.

Sean has a wonderful podcast, ‘Sean’s Wild Life’. In it, he talks with guests to explore biodiversity, conservation, environment and our connections with nature.

Guests include; Zoologist and Broadcaster, Jules Howard; Conservationist, Broadcaster and author of Curlew Moon, Mary Colwell, plus Knepp ‘White Stork’ Project Officer, Lucy Groves.

Nature Ambassador Chantelle Naturelle Sean's Wild Life

Prepare for LOLZ. I caught up with my pal Chantelle, CBeebies presenter of teeny Tiny Creatures, Great North Wood project officer for London Wildlife Trust and Future Advisor for former podcast guests Heal Rewilding. I would say we had a great chat but truth is we laughed our way through lots of topics. But on a serious note we did explore why there is a lack of diversity in the nature and conservation space, how things are improving and can be improved further, what it's like to be a young, black woman working in wildlife conservation and how she's coping with a brand new media career. Sean's Wild Life podcast is produced by Sean McCormack, co-produced and edited by Thomas Ntinas. Title track 'A Wild Life' kindly composed and donated by Mark Rose.All costs of production have been self funded. If you've enjoyed this episode and would like to tip me by buying me a coffee you can do so here: you would like to sponsor a future episode of Sean's Wild Life please email and visit to learn more about Sean's work. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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