Ealing Wildlife Group (EWG) is a volunteer-run donation-funded Constituted Community Group that focuses on community involvement to protect local wildlife through education, conservation and collaboration, preserving the natural spaces and species in the London Borough of Ealing.

We provide an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who are all passionate about nature, keen to learn more about it and understand the importance of active conservation.

With several conservation projects happening throughout the Borough, including our own urban nature reserve in Greenford, we provide the opportunity for locals to get involved.

Relying on citizen science, our dedicated volunteers, local experts and amateur naturalists collect and submit data on the biodiversity of species across Ealing.

There is no formal or paid membership, so getting involved is simple. Join our very active  Facebook Group, sign up for our newsletter and see our Events page for volunteer days, educational and fun activities, and community and social events.

Upcoming Events

What's Happening this Month

Volunteer and public open day at EWG@Costons Lane Nature Reserve @ Costons Lane Nature Reserve. NB - The gated entrance is on Ruislip Road opposite the Lidl car park.
Feb 24 @ 10:00 – 14:00

Come and join our volunteer day! We’ll be working on projects to improve the facilities and habitat of our nature reserve. Regular tasks include path maintenance, brush clearing, gardening and watering. Please bring your wellies and thick gloves if you have them, although we do have some to share.

While there are always things to do onsite you can just visit our oasis of calm in this little natural paradise. We have a bird hide, several ponds and wetlands, a small wood, a wildlife garden, and a sunny deck to sit back and relax with tea. You can spot Foxes, Woodpeckers, Slow Worms, Newts, Frogs, Spiders, Insects, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Red Kites, all manner of pondlife and twilight Bats.

To learn more about our reserve click here: https://ealingwildlifegroup.com/our-nature-reserve-2/.

The gated entrance with an EWG sign is on Ruislip Road East across from the Lidl Car Park, between 61 Clifton Road and 31 Costons Lane.

NB – All under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Beavers in Ealing! It’s really happening!

Beaver having a snack . Photo © Lana Schofield
Beaver having a snack . Photo © Lana Schofield

We are excited to have been granted our license from Natural England to reintroduce Eurasian Beavers to Ealing in a controlled enclosure at Paradise Fields, Greenford! This is a joint project between Ealing Wildlife Group (EWG), Ealing Council, Citizen Zoo and Friends of Horsenden Hill, supported by experts at the Beaver Trust and part-funded by the Mayor of London’s Rewild London 2 Fund.

Watch the Peregrines live 24/7!

Our Current Conservation Projects

Rewilding: Beavers!

We are bringing beavers back to Ealing! Weare partnering with Citizen Zoo, The Beaver Trust, Friends of Horsenden hill, and Ealing Council to develop an enclosed area in Paradise Fields for the beavers that will be accessible to the public.

Can you help our hedgehogs?

Find out what you can do in your own garden to help Britain's favourite but also one of it's most endangered animals! Connect your neighbourhood gardens with a hedgehog highway and we can help!

EWG@Costons Lane Nature Reserve

We turned an abandoned and neglected urban space into a nature reserve! The space was an allotment site that was abandoned almost 25 years ago due to flooding. We have installed a educational hub, paths, a hide, ponds and wetlands, and a teaching wildlife garden!

Rewilding: Harvest mice

Harvest Mice are back in Ealing after 40 years! We have partnered with Calderglen Zoo, Battersea Children’s Zoo and their sister zoo, New Forest Wildlife Park,, and derek Gow to bring Harvest Mice back to Ealing as well as starting our own breeding program!

Saving Ealing's Swifts

Our swift champions are giving these amazing birds a home! We are installing hundreds of swift boxes on private homes and public building throughout Ealing. Would you like to help create a Swift nesting haven and turn your street into a Swift Street?

Great Crested Newts

Ealing has a few sites where these newts cling on. Unfortunately, their habitats are degrading in value and suitability for breeding as old ponds become overgrown and neglected. We are committed to protecting those habitats by improving their quality.

Bat Conservation

Improving habitat for our 7 species of bats, as well as recording vital data about our bat population. We have several bat walks over the season (late spring through early autuimn) at various locations around Ealing. You can do some citizen science, learn about these fascinating animals, and have loads of fun this summer!

Ealing Hospital Peregrines

In 2020 a pair of Peregrines took up residence on top of Ealing Hospital in Southall. The hospital allowed us to instal a nest box and in 2022 they nested sucessfully and produced three chicks! We now have a 24/7 camera installed to follow their journey in 2023!

Help an Ealing Owl

Our owl nestbox and habitat management project to attract Barn Owls, and help our Little and Tawny Owls thrive in Ealing! We now have Barn Owls' breeding in Ealing and our other owl species are doing very well!

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