• ‘The Harvest Mouse’ by Maria Lundy
    The Harvest Mouse Running along grasslands green The smallest rodent goes unseen, At the woodland edge they stop to feed On Fruits, flowers, and types of seed A field of hundreds and there’s more spread around the farmyard floor Our fur and white belly reflect our kind and Camouflage, so we are hard to find, with […]
  • Save Ealing’s Swifts!!
    One of the biggest thrills of spring is when the beautiful and acrobatic swifts return to the UK after a long and perilous journey from Africa.  They tell us that summer is on its way soon and that all is well with the world.   The sad fact is that Ealing’s swifts, like swifts across the […]
  • T-shirt Competition Winners!
    Back in June we held a ‘design a t-shirt’ competition and asked you to send in your drawings based on iconic Ealing wildlife.  The competition was run by Neera, a friend of EWG and a local artist, who has done other fundraising activities for EWG in the past. There were some great entries and, as […]
  • 2021 5th Annual Photography Competition is now open!
    Mission: An exhibition of photography to highlight the wonderful nature and wild spaces on our doorstep, celebrating the important relationships between people and local wildlife in Ealing. Judging criteria: We want to explore what nature and wildlife means to you. Everyone sees their surroundings through a different lens, so we want to celebrate diverse personal journeys […]
  • EWG’s 5th Annual Wildlife Photography Competition opening soon with brand new categories!
    It’s that exciting time of year, for you to go back through your photo archives or get out hurriedly snapping more. Because our photo competition is about to open for entries very soon indeed, for the 5th year running! And this year we are changing it up a little with some new categories alongside some […]
  • Heather from Calderglen on Ealing’s Harvest Mice
    “Conservation work involves the protection, preservation or restoration of nature and biodiversity, not a task one would immediately associate with Instagram or TikTok. However, more and more we are utilising social media platforms to share ideas and information, organise events and have conversations with one another regarding wildlife and the environment. It’s blending our very […]
  • New Harvest Mouse partnership with Battersea Children’s Zoo
    We’re very excited to be partnering with Battersea Children’s Zoo and their sister zoo, New Forest Wildlife Park, both of which will be providing us with captive bred harvest mice to release in Ealing over the coming years. I recently visited Battersea and was astounded by their beautiful Harvest Mouse exhibit, which showcases just how […]
  • Rewilding Ealing, one mouse at a time
    We’ve recently kicked off our ‘Rewilding Ealing’ initiative with the reintroduction of locally extinct and nationally threatened species, the diminutive Harvest Mouse. Also known by its scientific name of Micromys minutus, or the ‘minute micro mouse’, it’s the UK and Europe’s smallest rodent, and the only one with a prehensile tail designed to cling to […]
  • Our AGM & new roles available
    We are delighted to be getting back up and running with events and new projects as life slowly returns to normal. As part of our requirements as a Community Group we must hold an Annual General Meeting.  This year the AGM will be on Zoom on Thurs 8th July at 7pm – and everyone is invited! 2020 […]
  • Design EWG’s official T-shirt competition!
    Exciting times ahead. Are you or your kids talented illustrators or artists? Well we would love you to draw an iconic species of wildlife (animal or plant) found in Ealing and send it in to be featured on our new EWG T-shirt design. Just draw your design and email it to [email protected] from Inkineeri.co.uk following […]