• Costons Lane Nature Reserve Update
    Where we were in 2020, where we are now, and where we are going in 2021. Includes a gallery of wildlife and an update on the progress of the site so far.
  • Night Skies over Ealing: The Winter Circle
    I’m trying something new, a night sky guide for us city dwellers. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Ealing and most of West London is very light polluted, on the Bortle Scale ( a scale that ranks light pollution) we are a Bortle class 8 out of 9. Class 1 is […]
  • 10 Ways to Make your Garden a Winter Haven for Wildlife
    As the growing season winds down, people are starting to tidy their gardens and prepare them for winter. For wildlife friendly gardens and gardeners however, things are a little different, it’s far less tidy, and far better for the wildlife! Here are 10 things a wildlife gardener can do to prepare the garden for winter that benefit both the garden and the wildlife.
  • A Closer Look: Native Winter Berries
    Winter Berries provide a vital food source for birds, insects, and mammals when little other food is available. All of the following berries can be found growing wild and in gardens in Ealing. They are a great addition to any garden/greenspace to help the wildlife through the winter!
  • Rewilding Ealing: Harvest Mice
    This Friday Dec 4th at 8pm, join Sean McCormack for an online discussion about a potential reintroduction project of Harvest Mice in Ealing. We’ll be exploring whether we have Europe’s smallest rodent species in the Borough, how we might find out with some help from our members, whether we still have suitable habitat and why […]
  • Zen and photography – mind over pixels.
    At the mention of Zen, a Buddhist monk in search of enlightenment might come to mind. When I think of Zen, I think of an approach to photography, especially my own wildlife photography. For me, Zen is a state of mind. A state of quietness and stillness and contemplation when engaging with the natural world […]
  • Photo Exhibition 2020 is open
    So get on down to Walpole Park, our competition winners will be on display in the glorious Autumn surroundings for the next 6-8 weeks! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the wonderful winners…
  • What to see & do in October
    The nights are drawing in and we’ve seen a bit more rain but it doesn’t mean that we need to stay indoors!  The ‘there’s no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’ quote is one which has a lot of truth to it so, once you’ve wrapped up and ventured outside, what can you expect to find? […]
  • Fresh discussions & alternative visions on the future of Warren Farm
    Dear friends,  As many are aware, the long and complicated battle to save Warren Farm from development by QPR reached another milestone earlier this year with the football club pulling out of the proposed redevelopment scheme. This is perhaps in no small part due to the renewed pressure, most recent legal challenge and determined campaigning […]
  • Getting Closer – Macro Photography
    Long time EWG member and nature photographer extraordinaire Nigel Bewley has put together two new photography tutorials for us! This one is about macro photography, perfect for up close shots of insects and other small creatures. The previous one is about photographing birds in your garden. Check out his other tutorials Birds in Flight and Photographing Wildlife in […]