Wildlife emergencies

Wildlife and habitat emergencies: pollution, injuries, crime and care

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When you find an injured animal –

Or when you see signs of river pollution or other environmental damage –

What should you do?

The links below give information about reporting pollution incidents and how to react when you find an animal in distress.

Signs of river pollution include fish dead or gasping for air and discoloured or smelly water. If you see pollution, report it immediately to the Environment Agency. The link below is also about reporting other kinds of incidents.

Environment Agency incident hotline

Telephone: 0800 80 70 60

24-hour service


This link includes general advice, Animal Rescue Services and RSPCA reporting line:



When to handle an animal and when to leave it alone.

This is a difficult decision in an emergency and the RSPCA offers useful information:



Information about caring for individual species.

Help to keep wildlife safe – for gardeners, pet owners, ramblers and everyone: 



What to do if you find sick or injured wildlife

When to help baby birds

Cat Attack? Don't just release me
Don't worry we are just moulting
Catching a flighted bird
Fireworks are not great for wildlife
Got mice?
Humane Traps?

If you witness a suspected wildlife crime in action call 999 immediately. In all other instances call 101.

 Wildlife crime and how to report it

CrimeStoppers: report Wildlife Crime