• Ealing’s new peregrine falcons
    A lot goes on behind the scenes at Ealing Wildlife Group that isn’t posted publicly. For several years now, we’ve been watching, monitoring and keeping tabs on some of the rarer wildlife species in or near the borough of Ealing. Where threatened or endangered species may be prone to disturbance or persecution we’ve made it […]
  • BMX tracks or Brown Long Eared Bats? Can’t we have both?
    TL;DR “too long; didn’t read”. AKA the short version The plans for a BMX track at Stockdove Way, which was originally meant to be on the Gurnell redevelopment site, is now proposed for ABSOLUTELY the wrong location on a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). Various reasons it’s the wrong location. The crudely annotated […]
  • EWG’s very own nature reserve!
    We have a wonderful announcement! Our funding drive for the future Costons Lane Nature reserve has been successful!! We wanted to especially thank Transform Your Space for donating £9,577, Greystar and Greenford Quay whose donation of £7,000 made up our remaining difference and ensured the project’s success. We particularly want to call out Andrew McRae […]
  • Meet Your Community
    Ealing Wildlife Group is a wonderful community and everyone is welcome. At time of writing we have over 2,800 members which is an incredible number!  Whether you’re a regular contributor, Facebook appreciator or maybe a photographic whizz – we’re a local community group which hopefully is bringing you some joy!  Whilst EWG does put on […]
  • Hedgehog Awareness Week 2020: How can you help?
    Did you know it’s Hedgehog Awareness Week? Well it is, so here are our top tips for attracting and helping these prickly garden visitors, who sadly are in decline in the UK. Build A Hedgehog Highway One of the challenges facing hedgehogs in urban areas is getting around enough gardens at night to forage. Solid […]
  • Ealing bats in 2020!
    As the future of group activities looks uncertain with Covid-19 lockdown in place, one question we’ve been asked a number of times in recent weeks is whether there will be any bat walks in the season ahead. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to lead any sizable group walks any time soon. But all […]
  • April Writing Competition Entries
    In our April newsletter, we set you the task of writing a 250 word story about what you can see from your window.  We were amazed by the variety of the entries – they were all so good – all of them displaying just what wildlife means to you.  It was a joy to read […]
  • Photograph Wildlife in its Environment
    Long time EWG member and nature photographer extraordinaire Nigel Bewley has put together two photography tutorials for us! This one is about Wildlife in its Environment and the previous one is Birds in Flight . Thanks Nigel! Take a step back It’s lovely and impressive to fill the frame with your subject and make a […]
  • Photographing Birds in Flight
    Long time Ealing Wildlife Group member and nature photographer extraordinaire Nigel Bewley has put together two photography tutorials for us! This one is about Birds in Flight and the next one is Wildlife in its Environment. Thanks Nigel! Getting To Grips With Photographing Birds In Flight Exposure setting Start with Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority. […]
  • Blue Tit Nest Box: Chapter One
    Having treated myself to a camera bird box for Christmas in 2018 I was disappointed to get no visitors to it on my 4th floor balcony in 2019, but can’t say I was very surprised. Too high for a discerning tit or sparrow, I resigned myself. This Spring I took it to my pal Nigel’s […]