As EWG we’ve been involved in some great projects. In this section, you can see more details about them – both past and ongoing. Some will have a small team working on them. For others like our new nature reserve, we’re going to need all the help we can get. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, the best way is to sign up to our newsletter here.

Volunteer Day (photo: Sean McCormack)

Because we’re a voluntary group and committee members all have full-time jobs, we are limited in the number and scope of projects we can take on at any one time. Therefore we regret that we will have to say no to requests, on occasion.

Sometimes people ask us to come and do bat surveys in private gardens or on sites of proposed developments for planning objections. We are not licensed bat surveyors, therefore we can’t accommodate most of these.

We aim to focus our efforts where we’ll have the most impact for wildlife, biodiversity and the local community. We’re simply passionate wildlife fans doing the best we can. 

If you would like to help EWG continue the great work we’ve been doing then you can do so by donating here.

Our projects

Ealing Nature Reserve

Bat Conservation Project

Birds of Prey

Great Crested Newts

Owl Conservation

Kingfisher Banks

Schools Outreach Programme

Water Vole Survey